Global stats
Number of registered players: 3790
Number of games played: 121098
Total amount of ships destroyed: 44373927
Average Worthiness Rating: 17752
Average score on Alpha base: 17771
Average score on Beta compound: 17744
Average score on Gamma headquarters: 17742
Recent games:
May 26, 2018sun7star71198850Alpha base
May 26, 2018sun7star71260778Beta compound
May 26, 2018sun7star71181344Alpha base
May 26, 2018sun7star71086919Alpha base
May 26, 2018sun7star71053462Gamma headquarters
May 26, 2018sun7star71045326Alpha base
May 26, 2018This player has all possible achievementsgorun1610289Beta compound
May 26, 2018sun7star71225110Alpha base
May 26, 2018sun7star71078555Gamma headquarters
May 26, 2018sun7star71181344Alpha base