We are the Empire of Light. For centuries we have brought order to the known Galaxy in place of chaos. Our fleets watched over everyone's homeworlds, to protect them from harm. Most of the time, even the mentioning of orbital bombardment was enough to extinguish anything that could possibly disrupt this perfect harmony. The Galaxy was peaceful, safe, and united.

Then they started to build starships. Despite us telling them, that they do not need to worry about building ships, for we handle that from the taxes they pay us. We also advised not to arm them, because weapons are dangerous, and they could hurt each other. But then they started shooting our ships with theirs. Really, why would they do that? First, we tried to pull back our fleets, for without our guidance, they would surely turn against each other, and then quickly realize their mistake.

Instead, they formed alliances, and coordinated fleets against us. Their ships kept coming, so we had to defend ourselves. Wave after wave they came, for hundreds of years. We had been betrayed by those infidels. Thanks to our advanced strategies, we managed to minimize our losses, and still have almost 1% of our ships operational by the time they reached our most sacred territories, the Star Temples.

We need you to take care of the defenses of one of our Star Temples, and destroy any ships that enter the base complex. The Star Temple itself shields all defensive towers you build, so they are protected from enemy fire until the Star Temple itself stays up.

Star Temple TD was created by a single guy, who hopes to one day make a carreer in game development. As the traditional big budget PC game industry is way beyond the reach of a regular mortal, i targeted the world of browser / mobile games instead.

Star Temple TD was originally envisioned as a simple flash game. It eventually grew into a huge testbed of multiple technologies, hopefully paving the way for future projects.